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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire
Dear customer:
Thanks for your choice of our product .Your satisfaction is the most important goal of our work .We are eager to hear from you and sincerely invite you to fill out this questionnaire.
1 Your company name:
  Name of person filling the form: Tel:
  Email: Fax:
2 Where did you purchase our product? ( please make your choice with X )
A. directly from us    B.from distributors
3 Annual amount purchased from us : approximatelyUSD.
4 Please give us your comprehensive evaluation on the items listed below ( please make your choice with X )
  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied
4.1 Product performance
4.2 External appearance and dimension accuracy
4.3 Product competitive power
4.4 Product packing
4.5 Development and promotion of new product
4.6 Conenience of purchasing
4.7 On-site technical service
4.8 After-sale service
4.9 Service and professionality of salesmen
4.10 Delivery time
4.11 Product price
4.12 Brand image and prestige
5 Choice question
5.1 Will you continue to purchase our product?
   A. Yes    B. No    C. I don't know
5.2 Does your company have acceptance for incoming material?
   A. Yes    B. No
6 Open question
6.1 Do you have any complain about our product performance and external appearance ? Which product and what's the problem?
6.2 What kind of technical service do you prefer?
6.3 Your suggestions to package:
6.4 Your demand for new products:
6.5 If you have any suggestions or expectations to our product performance, packing, product standard, delivery and after-sale service, please let us know.
Dissatisfied items:
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