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Human resources are a most valuable resources of an enterprise. In accordance with the philosophies of esteeming work, esteeming knowledge, esteeming talent, esteeming innovation, build up the composition system of ability of personnel which is suited to the development of the company, to implement the strategy that the flourish and power of a company depend on the ability of personnel. For this, we hereby put forward the measures as follows:

1. Standardize the human resources engineering to build up a unified stage in human resources.

2. Cultivate scientific talent concept and improve the evaluation system of results of the personnel.

3. Establish a qualified businessman contingents in all field we need, which possess a solid specialist knowledge, abundant working experience and strong innovatory spirit.

4. Continue to explore the way of that the extra dividends could be drawn according to the key elements of capital, technique and management. Use a new distribution way of the shorter term encourage in combination with a longer term drive. Reasonablly enlarge the gap of income among the employees who made different achievements.

5. According to the principles of opening, equality, competition and selection, continue to improve the dynamic operation mechanism of employment or quit of the employee and promotion or lowering of a post and furnish a stage to fully display their ability and more chance to show their outstanding talent for the excellent person.

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